To better understand what you can put in the dumpster, it is best to understand what you can’t put in the dumpster. Please check out our Prohibited Substances page to get a better understanding of what is not allowed in a rented container.

  • How much does your dumpster cost?
    • This question depends on a few factors but primarily two. They are both an assessment of your predictability.
  1. Are you trust worthy? I ask certain questions to determine two factors.
    1. Immediacy
      1. When a customer calls and asks how much a dumpster costs, the first thing I gauge is the person’s need for immediacy. I do this by asking how quickly they need the delivery. Many homeowners need dumpsters on weekends. Many contractors forget to schedule a dumpster delivery.
        1. Homeowners – It is common for homeowners who may not be familiar with dumpster use to not understand the need to schedule a dumpster ahead of time. Homeowner dumpster use if very similar to BBQing. It is the same season. Everyone needs it on a Saturday or near a weekend. Do your dumpster service provider a favor and give them a day or two notice. We here at Dependable Dumpsters have begun to charge a same day delivery fee. This fee is not intended to gouge clients; it exists b/c employees wish to have weekends. It is also much more difficult to get rid of debris on a weekend as most disposal sites tend to be closed. The sites that are open on weekends tend to be incredibly expensive.
        2. Contractors – When a contractor calls and needs a same day delivery it is because they forgot to schedule it. The situation is somewhat typical: they just forgot, or something went wrong. The demo crew showed up early is one common one I hear.
    2. Are you going to pay?
      1. If you ask ‘Can I pay cash?’ or ‘Can I pay the driver cash?’ I will immediately increase my prices. Why? People who pay cash do not have much financial understanding beyond avoiding taxes. That is it. They are limiting themselves and their growth by not fully understanding the possibility for growth by using our financial system. The most common people that I find fit in this category are people that live in economically depressed areas or contractors. I avoid -like the plague- the latter. They tend to be the most common people that do not pay. The material disposed of also can be contentious. If a company is unaware they have a problem with the incorrect material being in a dumpster it can become difficult to enforce & collect.
  2. What are you disposing of?
    1. When I begin this line of questioning we attempting to assess the type of waste that the client will dispose of.
      1. Every day, we are exposed to the risk that people may throw something out that may not be permissible in a landfill. As a company, may real estate investors use our service, which means that we frequent C&D landfills. Per regulations ‘putrescible waste’ is not allowed to be disposed of in these sites. Putrescible waste must be disposed of in ‘contained landfills’.
      2. This is why trust is so important. If a dumpster is full of typical stuff, but has a single human body in it, then the dumpster must be handled according to regulations pertinent to human bodies, which we don’t specialize in.  Waste in general follows this rule, it must be handled per regulations of the material with the most stringent regulations in it.
        1. That means if you have wet lead paint from a home renovation, the entire load must be handled as wet lead paint. This is why we as a company MUST talk to the client before we will deliver a container to their project, to assess the likelihood of whether the client –or their neighborhood- will leave us with material that is toxic or very challenging to dispose of legally.
        2. If a client is unaware that a certain material is present then charging them for special handling becomes difficult to enforce. Even more difficult to collect those funds.
  3. Predictability – If you as a customer hold still long enough to assess the above concerns for us as a dumpster company, then we will work with you to provide dependable service that meets your situational demands. If you don’t our sales staff is trained to add on additional fees to make the risk worth our while.
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