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5 Signs You Need Junk Removal Services

Junk removal services. You never thought you’d be Googling that phrase and yet, here you are. But as you look at all the results you wonder, “Do I really need junk removal services? Isn’t that just for those crazy shows on TV?”

Believe it or not, many people could use junk removal services. Even you!

Below we’re going to go through five reasons you might need junk removal services.

junk removal services

Clear out what you don’t need and keep what you do.

1. You Don’t Have Guestsjunk removal services

Imagine this a moment. You haven’t seen your buddies in a while and suggest they come over for a movie night.

“I’ll get some popcorn and some drinks,” you say, “How ‘bout it?” No matter how many friends you call, they all answer the same way.

“I would love to, but…uh…got a thing that night.” Or worse, they suggest you bring the movie night to them.

If you can’t seem to get your friends to come to you, or you always have to go to them, junk could be the reason. The problem with all the extra junk is that we’re used to it – but our good friends are not.

So if you can’t seem to get your longtime friends to come over, consider junk removal services. You can clear out all the things you don’t need and keep the things you do. And then host another movie night!

2. You’re Afraid to Buy New Thingsjunk removal services

Has this happened to you? You’re out shopping when you find an All-Clad sale. You could get every pot and pan they have for nothing.

But as you start piling your shopping cart with the goods something strikes you. “What if all the new cookware gets lost in the kitchen?”

The more you think about it, the more you realize it’s happened before. You’ve come home with brand new things you couldn’t wait to break in, only they got lost in the random piles that have become your home.

“What’s the use of buying All-Clad when it could be all lost at home?” You put the All-Clad back.

With junk removal services, you wouldn’t have to! You could rent a dumpster and finally pitch everything you don’t need in the kitchen. Old egg pans? Gone. Broken coffee maker? Gone.
Junk removal services allow you to toss what you don’t need and keep what you do. You’ll have the space for your brand new All-Clad cookware. Now that’s what we call all right!

junk removal services 3. No Room

Do you find it hard to move around your home? Maybe you have to keep moving one thing or another to get through a hallway. Or maybe you have to move piles all over your living room just to fit the TV tray.

Or worse, maybe you’re afraid to open the closet because of the avalanche of sports equipment crammed inside. The hockey pads that couldn’t last beyond two games, the lacrosse sticks that snapped during the final two minutes, and the countless mounds of deflated soccer balls.

Maybe it’s time you considered junk removal services? With junk removal services you can clear things out and organize. Think of it! You could walk your halls freely and open any closet without fear! All because of junk removal.

junk removal services

You’re not just clearing out old junk, you’re clearing out old emotions. And that’s the best junk removal.

4. The Neighbors Can’t Stop Talkingjunk removal services

Many years ago, once upon a time, you were going to get married on your front lawn. It was your fiance’s idea, naturally, because it saved wedding hall fees and the pictures would look darling. The fact that your fiance hand-carved your altar was icing on the three-tiered chocolate espresso cake you couldn’t wait to cut.

Sadly you wouldn’t make it to tier one before you broke up. And now the altar, broken and damaged from years of being outside, sits on your lawn. And your neighbors can’t stop asking about it.

“Just wondering,” they’ll say, “But how long has it been?” Part of you isn’t ready to dig up the altar, or the emotions that are bound to fly out with the dirt.  But an even bigger part of you can’t stand to answer another question.

So what do you do? Call for junk removal services.

That way, when the busybodies stop by to chat you can finally say, “It’s been three years. Until this Saturday when the dumpster arrives.”

5. Getting Noticesjunk removal services

You’re casually walking to your mailbox when you see it: another notice from your Homeowner’s Association telling you it’s time to clean things out.

Now, before you might have trashed the letter and moved on. And you would have this time, too, if it weren’t for this thought.

“It’s not the letter I need to throw out; it’s the junk.” That’s when you hire junk removal services. You get a dumpster and start filling it up. 

It was hard at first because you didn’t know where to begin. The kitchen? The living room? That outdated guest room that hadn’t been decluttered since the ’70s.

But once you got to it, the rest came naturally. Pretty soon you were like a waste wizard, able to toss old papers like a pro.

The best part? You start to feel better about things, too! Because you see, you’re not just clearing out old things, you’re clearing out old emotions. And that’s the best junk removal of all.

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