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Belief Systems – A Personal Transformation

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at”
Bruce Lee

I started to overhaul my life.

I felt I couldn’t achieve the expectations I had of myself. I knew I had always wanted to start a business. So I started to take the steps to do it. I increased my administrative acumen by formally educating myself. I researched until I knew where I wanted to focus. I buckled down and changed careers.

It sucked.

But growth comes through change. I needed that.

By taking these small actions:
I got out of a terrible work environment that was completely unhealthy.
I immediately began to shake the bushes for new opportunities.
I found a trash company that would consider selling.
I realized I didn’t trust this guy after a few months.
I walked away.
I came back home.
I found yet another trash company to buy.
I pursued a leveraged buyout.
I realized that by not having a business broker or an M&A attorney, I would never be successful in this endeavor.
I found that entrepreneurs think highly of themselves.
I found another job, this time at a large trash company.
I learned everything.
I learned landfills.
I learned I was right.

But, this is why I went wrong. By being employed by a company that was beyond the startup phase:

I willingly or unintentionally accepted this company’s philosophy.
I am an honest person.
I became distracted with making their organization better.
I am too honest a person.
I was able to determine why the organization was struggling.
I let my opinion be known.
I applied for what would have been a promotion.
I was fired one week after interviewing for that job.


I made a mistake.
I thought that I could recruit somebody to my cause, my way of thinking about the industry.
I was wrong.
I thought I could tackle their problems, leave a legacy.
I thought I could show them a different way to operate.
I thought they were ready for change.

That is why this is titled ‘Belief Systems’.

By pursuing this goal over the past three years, I realized my belief system needed to change.
By undertaking the above mentioned actions:
I became more self-confident.
I overhauled my self-worth.
I began to believe in myself.

That again was the mistake I made:

I thought that by showing my personal growth, the company would value it.
But if you are to change then you must first accept the need to do so.
I failed to pick up on the many clues that indicated the way the company thought.
They felt they were OK.
They didn’t see the need to change.

By doing so, I failed myself.

I noticed about a month ago, my unwillingness to be proactive in communicating at work.
I failed to communicate because I felt no one was listening.
I failed to recognize because of that, that the company and I had incompatible philosophies about change.
I should have left then.

However, I have been forged because of these events.

I now see that I must provide the solution.
I am the answer.
I am the change.
I must coordinate the thought that yields a change in actions.
I must coordinate the actions that yield different results.

I want these results because:
I love my country.
I love my city.
I love my community.
I love the environment and being outdoors.

I want the fruits of my labor to benefit all of these aspects of my life.

By fixating a goal on such an outdated industry:
I found myself.
I found my self-worth.
I found that a synonym for entrepreneurship is empowerment.
I found an industry whose belief system needs to be overhauled.
I’ve done this once already.

I can do it again.

My name is Joseph Beatty and I want to provide the United States with a better solution to waste, a better more holistic, sustainable solution to the post consumption economy.

The Sustainable Waste Remediation Economy.

Because I can.

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