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Do’s and Don’ts of Dumpster Rental

Many people in Louisville, KY find themselves in need of dumpster rental at one time or another. Whether it’s a residential move-out, an office move, remodeling and construction, or something else, it can be a daunting task on your own.

These moves require junk removal from professionals to provide the best dumpster rental services to the residents of Louisville, KY. In order to carry out proper junk removal services, here are some important do’s and don’ts.

dumpster rental

dumpster rental

  • Find out the work volume first

Before proceeding, it is important that you already have a knowledge of how much trash and junk you will be required to take out. When you have an idea of the workload, you can take the right equipment to enable you do the job well. Then you can choose the dumpster you need.

Unsure what size you need? Just call us for advice!

  • Go with the right sized dumpsters

When going for a dumpster rental, ensure that you have the right dumpster sizes. If it turns out your dumpster is too small, you might have to work at a very slow pace to fit everything, and this might affect the end result of the job. If your dumpster is too big, it might occupy too much space in your truck. The right dumpster size will help make the work faster.

If you’re unsure what size you need, simply call our experts at 502-718-8526 and we can help you choose the right dumpster for your situation.

dumpster rental


  • Don’t be in a hurry

When using the dumpster, don’t rush. Cancel any other activities which might distract you from your duties. Doing the work hurriedly might make you unable to pay proper attention, hence causing you to do a bad job or even throwing out things you wanted to keep, by accident. Take your time and make sure it’s done right.

  • Don’t overfill the dumpster

During junk removal, try not to overfill the dumpsters. Overfilling dumpsters will make them harder to haul. Asides from that, the junk inside might fall out causing litter. You don’t want to be a litterbug! Lastly, an overfilled dumpster can be harmful to the general public if it contains hazardous items like glass shards or other items.

dumpster rental
  • Don’t put hazardous items in a dumpster

Do not put any hazardous items in a dumpster during your junk removal. During the clean-out, ensure that hazardous items are disposed of properly, as dumpsters are not designed to keep them concealed. If you’re unsure about what might be hazardous, check out our list here or call us.

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dumpster rental

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