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Drive Safely – Accidents result from distractions

Accidents are catastrophic; slow down!

Short entry today, folks. I have taken a few videos and some photos over the past month or so. I see accidents every day. They usually aren’t pretty. People are almost always texting and driving.  Well, they are usually Facebooking and driving. Slow down, it could save your life.


I have seen three overturned semis in the past two months.

I saw two cement trucks, one with a blown tire leave a major road hazard. One decided to pump concrete on the interstate WHILE driving.

I saw a vehicle try to exit at the last moment. They hit the guard rails. The front of the vehicle got trapped in the rails, the back end of the vehicle kept going. The vehicle was frozen in a nearly completed front flip. Scary

I see silly fender benders all the time, typically texting and driving. Silly, silly silly.

I drive slowly to give myself a chance. When all these people pass me, I see them with their cell phone in their hand. Almost every single time, it is the same. They pass, cell phone is somewhere around their waste, ready to be brought back up into view and played with.

From what I can see, people need to drive more deliberately. With the number of wrecks I see on a daily basis, you might just be as conservative as I am on the road.

Drive safe Kentucky!

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