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How much for your dumpster? How I price my dumpsters.

‘How much for your dumpster?’ said the prospect on the other end of the phone.I got a call from a prospect; he asked about dumpster prices.

Here is how I determine the price of a dumpster. Work yourself through it, then call and give me your info, I will do my best to save you money for your next dumpster. In short, the I question people based on the following parameters:

  1. What type of customer are you?
  2. What is the material stream?
  3. What is the duration of your project?

So, here are the specifics:

  1. Customer Type – Is this customer going to be a repeat or a single use customer?
    1. Residential – one time use customers who have a need for: junk removal, garage clean out or a remodel project.
    2. Remodeler – As it sounds, they use it for remodeling single family homes.
    3. Contractor- disposal of anything related to construction: concrete, roofing, industrial recycling.
    4. Real estate investment- home flippers, rehabbers, or buy and hold (landlords with rentals).
  1. Material Stream- What stuff will be in the dumpster when I come to remove the dumpster?
    1. C&D – construction debris.
      1. Disposal difficulty: Easy.
      2. This material stream is the cheapest and easiest material stream to dispose of. If you have a trustworthy customer, it is also very unlikely to be hazardous. If you have a homeowner construction project, it is likely to contain household hazardous materials such as: liquid paint, mineral spirits, gasoline, your hot ashes from lasts nights grill…
    2. MSW – municipal solid waste.
      1. Disposal difficulty: Pain in the ass.
      2. food waste, restaurant waste, clothing, personal belongings, a mix of stuff that you are frustrated with and just need to get rid of… this is MSW. Requires entry into MSW Landfills, which SUCK! MSW landfills are incredibly hard on trucks and people.
    3. Yard waste –
      1. Disposal difficulty: Moderate.
      2. Yard waste is illegal to dispose of in any landfill in Jefferson County Kentucky requires disposal at compost/mulch processing sites. These sites are particular in that the yard waste must only be yard waste, which is rare from homeowners.
  • Just like it sounds, yard waste is anything that comes from the home garden: grass clippings leaves, tree debris, logs.. Yard waste is more difficult to get rid of b/c yard waste is never ‘clean’. It usually has fencing with some concrete, old decking which may be preserved wood. Chain link fencing, bricks and cinderblocks or soil may also make their way into a typical yard waste load from a homeowner. No mulch site ever takes these things.
  1. Recycling –
    1. Disposal difficulty: Easy.
    2. Large quantities of a single material taken to individual material specialist that knows how to repurpose that material.
  1. Estimated time of completion of Project.
    1. Understandably, completion times vary depending on the project. As a dumpster provider, I make money by delivering a dumpster. The faster I get them back, the more I can deliver, and the more money I can make. So, quick turn around? Absolutely; not a problem. Prolonged project? Also not a problem…but be prepared to pay a little more.

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