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Prohibited Items: What Can’t Go in the Dumpster?

Dumpster rentals are used to store garbage and dump it as per a certain schedule depending on the needs of the household. While these dumpsters are put in place primarily to keep the environment clean, there are certain prohibited items that are not supposed to go into a dumpster. It’s important to understand what should and shouldn’t go into a dumpster before using a dumpster rental, so check out our list of prohibited items below.

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dependable dumpsters, prohibited items, dumpster rentalFuels

People are discouraged from discarding fuel items into dumpsters because of the damage that they pose to the environment. These fuels are highly combustible and hazardous, not just to the dumpster and dumping site, but also to people living close by. These fuels should only be thrown into dumpsters when they can no longer be used as fuel.

Oil for cars and trucks also falls within this category, so please do not dispose of your oil in dumpsters. Instead, send it to an oil recycling center.

dependable dumpsters, dumpster rental, prohibited itemsBatteries

Batteries don’t go in the dumpster, either, because they’re dangerous. Batteries are loaded up with lead, mercury, and other hazardous heavy metals. There are recycling centers meant for disposing of batteries, so drop yours off there instead.

dependable dumpsters, dumpster rental, prohibited itemsTires

Tires are also not acceptable items to put in your dumpster rental. They fill up with gas and are seen floating in the landfill site while other garbage settles around them. Thankfully, tires are easy to recycle. Just head to an auto parts store or municipal waste department to recycle them.

Prohibited Items: Household Waste

Certain household items also make it to the list of prohibited items that do not go into dumpster.

dependable dumpsters, dumpster rental, prohibited itemsPaints and Lacquers

Paints and lacquers should not be thrown away in a dumpster due to their chemical composition. They are mostly made from lead or mercury, especially if they have been manufactured before the 1990s. Throw them away at a local waste municipality instead.

Water Tanks

Water tanks do not belong in the dumpster for the same reason as tires; they float around. The proper way to dispose of a water tank or heater is to call your local metal recycler.

dependable dumpsters, dumpster rental, prohibited items

dumpster rental, dependable dumpsters, prohibited itemsRefrigerators

Refrigerator disposal is extremely dangerous if not done properly. Before disposing, you MUST remove the refrigerant from your fridge. If not, the harmful gases inside may be released. These gases are extremely dangerous to humans and the environment. In fact, most states have laws regarding refrigerator disposal that require refrigerant removal prior to disposal.

After removing the refrigerant, you have a few options:

Donate your fridge when you buy a new one – Most appliance manufacturers will accept your old appliances when you buy a new one. Look specifically for retailers who participate in the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. They’ll usually even pick it up for you.

You can also check with your state energy office or local electric utility to see if they offer refrigerator recycling. Many even offer cash or utility bill credits if you participate!

Your municipal waste management office may offer heavy trash pickup of items like fridges. Call them directly to find out.

Finally, you can recycle your old refrigerator at your local scrap metal recycler.

Inks and Resins

Inks and resins can’t be dumped into a dumpster because they can stain the insides of a dumpster or even cause the garbage to stick to the inside, making it difficult to dispose of these items.

prohibited items, dumpster rental, dependable dumpstersFood Items

These are not allowed in public dumpsters because they come without lids and sometimes sit there for prolonged periods of time where it is possible for animals to visit and spread diseases.

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Waste disposal isn’t an unthought, unplanned act, but one that requires thorough thinking.  Our duty, as responsible citizens, does not end at simply disposing of our waste but at complying with rules and disposing of responsibly.

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dependable dumpsters, dumpster rental, prohibited items

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